Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At PowerSkills we take seriously our responsibility to serve humanity. We believe in service with every fiber of our being and we don’t just do it when we are working with our clients. We continue to serve in daily life because that’s our purpose in life.

Actions and Commitments: We walk the talk

PowerSkills commits to using its talent-base and resources to tangibly support people and organizations and be a catalyst for positive change.

3 Ways We Fulfill Our Commitment to CSR

1. We share our talent.

Free Seminars to Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations

Annually, PowerSkills offers 3 free multi-day seminars to non-profit organizations in America and around the world. The seminars and coaching services build the capacity of the organizations to serve their clients and communities and save valuable training dollars and resources along the way. When we select the NPO/NGO’s, we pay for the materials, all travel-related costs. Facilitators donate their time and considerable talents because we all believe that everyone, everywhere, in every community near and far, are our brothers and sisters. Our job on this planet is to help our brothers and sisters and we do that by providing key training and developmental support services to agencies that offer important services to their communities.

How you can help: if you know of a non-profit organization (NPO) or non-governmental organization (NGO), in the U.S. or around the world, that is seeking, and could benefit from,some free training or developmental services, like those offered by PowerSkills, invite them to visit our Contact page and request a seminar or service; then in the comment section, state that the organization is an NPO/NGO and that it is requesting free services. We’ll reach out to them and assess whether our free services are the right fit.

The agency’s or organization’s mission must address one of the following issues: human rights/equal rights/social justice (e.g., women’s rights, immigrant rights, etc.), disaster/crisis relief (e.g., refugee relief, disaster recovery), anti-poverty programming (e.g., educational support, poverty-relief, community development, etc.). The agency or organization must reach out to us on our website, explore our services, describe their mission and need, and let us know which type of service would help them build their capacity to serve others and fulfill their mission. We can’t guarantee free services to everyone, but we will select 3 agencies/organizations each year and provide free services and support…and we’ll let you know when we’ve completed our service.

Free Curriculum to Anyone Who Asks

The PowerSkills Team has designed a 1-day “crash course” on the topic of Advocacy, Allies, and Action. This course material is designed to help individuals, groups and organizations, who wish to promote a good cause, learn a few skills and strategies to mobilize themselves, develop partnerships and allies, become a good ally to others and take action. You can request a copy of this free curriculum by visiting our Contact Us page, signing up and requesting a seminar. Then, in the comment section of the form request a copy of our FREE Advocacy, Allies and Action curriculum.

2. We share our treasure

Financial Support

PowerSkills, as a corporate citizen, financially supports specific organizations with direct monetary gifts. We support organizations who are on the front-line and cutting-edge in the areas of social justice, crisis response, and peace initiatives.  Listed below are the organizations that we support with financial contributions.

How You Can Help

Take a stand and support these important causes by DONATING NOW to these organizations. The links will take you directly to their websites.

UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency: Donate.unrefugees.org 
Unicef – Humanitarian Relief: Unicefusa.org
Southern Poverty Law Center: Splcenter.org
Anti-Defamation League: Adl.org
Black Lives Matter: Blacklivesmatter.com
Women’s March: Womensmarch.com

Free Posters 

Coming in October 2018! 

Important note: PowerSkills does not support nor endorse any form ism (e.g., sexism, racism, ethno-centrism, heterosexism, etc.) or cultural phobia (e.g., xenophobia, homophobia, etc.). We ask that our products and services be used for inclusion not exclusion activities.

How you can help: stand up, raise your hand and volunteer now. The world is not waiting for your next social media post. It’s waiting for your contributory presence and power. Act now.

If you wish additional posters for your group, team or for an event, you can purchase them by clicking the link below.

3. We share our time.

Volunteering & Financial Support from our Team

Every single PowerSkills Team Member volunteers in his or her community, devoting time to a myriad of agencies, causes and initiatives to make this a better world. Volunteering is a central tenet and typical activity for everyone believes in using her/his PowerSkills to lead, grow and make a difference at work, at home and in life.

Here is a list of the organizations, causes and social change campaigns that our team member’s actively support through volunteer and financial commitments.

  • One Colorado
  • MetroCaring/Denver Foodbank
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Amnesty International
  • American Jewish World Service/Global Disaster Aid
  • Gay Men’s Health Crisis
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Sierra Club
  • Feeding America
  • Support of Grandparents Who Parent
  • Santa Fe Mountain Center
  • Santa Fe Youth Symphony Orchestra
  • Great Old Broads for the Wilderness
  • Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
  • Financial Support for Kenya and Zimbabwe education, clean water and health care
  • Unicef America Fund
  • UN Relief for Refugees

We invite you to volunteer or contribute your time, talent and treasures today. 

Make a tangible difference in this world. 

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