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Revive Retreats™

3-day retreat packages that revive, relax, rejuvenate and help groups re-envision their future.

Coming in 2024: PowerSkills Revive™ Retreats.
Now is the time to begin planning a team or group retreat that will help your team regroup, reconnect and revive their energies.

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Imagine! 3 days of relaxed deep learning and time to reset.

Innovative methods and models

Contemplative time for transformation

Practices that provoke new thought

Motivationally guided support

PowerSkills 3-day Revive™ Retreats revive your energy and attitude, your perspective, your team, your strategy, your leadership, and your life. We don’t say that lightly. We know the power of our programs when participants take them to heart. If your people need to revive their happiness, well-being, leadership, or team culture, then our PowerSkills Revive™ Retreat programs help you accomplish your goals.

PowerSkills Founder and Facilitator, Bob Schout, has created life-changing leadership development and workplace transformation retreats for more than 20 years. He is steeped in personal transformational processes, empowerment at work, the championing of change at work, appreciating cultural blends in communities and at work, organization leadership development, and peace in life.

Bob Schout

Founder and Facilitator

Founder and Facilitator

Bob Schout

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