We know people and we know behavior.


Our renowned individual development and support services offer you individualized, customized coaching experiences that can literally change your life in and outside of work.

Our approach to coaching includes the following methodology:

  • Client and situation assessment
  • Goal clarification
  • Problem and challenge analysis
  • Perspective realignment
  • Short-term and long-term solution identification and generation
  • Provocation of new thoughts
  • Challenging of old, unhelpful or unhealthy thoguhts and attitude
  • Sharing of wisdom and experience

Successful coaching encounters and outcomes have certain characteristics in common, and clients who seek our coaching services embody certain characteristics:

  • Motivation to grow, change, and achieve strongly desired goals
  • No blame and no shame mentalities or practices
  • Willingness to challenge traditional approaches, mindsets, behaviors, and ideas
  • Readiness to change, first themselves, then patterns and systems that are not working
  • Focus on learning, understanding and testing out new ideas
  • Rejection of victimhood, martyrdom, complaining and taking things personally

If you embody these characteristics, or seek to embrace them, then we are the coaches for you. We will provide you with individualized attention, tools that you can use and share with other, a solid basis for understanding the change that must take place in order for you to achieve your goals, and concerned compassionate support along the way.

Each one of our coaches has over 15 years of experience; combined we have over 120 years of practical and wisdom-based experience, all of which we offer to you.

Review a PDF of our coaching portfolio complete with our philosophy, approach, biographies and fees.

Areas of Professional Life Coaching

  • Re-setting the Culture and Climate of a Team/Work Group
  • Leadership Development
  • Facilitating Forgiveness at Work
  • Becoming a Champion of, and Facilitating, Change
  • Overcoming Delegation Challenges
  • Preventing and Dealing with Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
  • Work, Leadership and Communication Style Insights
  • Facilitating Crucial Conversations
  • Insights into Personalities at Work
  • Preparing for Change in Roles and Responsibilities
  • Developing Problem-Solving Skills and Effective Analysis of Core Problem(s)
  • Dealing with Challenging Personalities and Styles at Work
  • Effectively Addressing Communication and Relationship Challenges at Work
  • Improving Morale
  • Developing Strong Communication Habits and Practices
  • Reframing and Resolving Problems
  • Influencing and Persuasion Practices
  • Goal Achievement
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence at Work
  • Creating Win-Win Transactions and Environments
  • Achieving Extraordinary Results

Delivering Powerful Presentations

Areas of Personal Life Coaching

  • Opening Yourself to Full Happiness
  • Getting Rid of the Dead Weight Inside of You: habits, thoughts, memories and emotions that are weighing you down
  • Aligning With and Prospering on Purpose Each Day
  • Forgiveness Practices & Processes
  • Effectively Dealing with Addictions
  • Living a Centered and Balanced Life
  • Becoming a Risk-Taker
  • Managing Change, Transitions and Cycles in Life
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence in Relationships
  • Courageous Decision-Making
  • Making the Shift from Victimhood to Empowerment, and from Martyr to Maker of Your Own Life

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Still not convinced? Read more testimonials below.

“Bob, my heart is so full of appreciation for you and how you’ve helped me that I hope that I can write this clearly. You have helped me so much that I can barely wrap my mind around it. I came to you for coaching related to improving my leadership skills at work, and am finishing our coaching sessions (for now) having gained more insight, ideas and motivation to move forward at work, in my career, and in my personal life than I ever thought possible.

In 8 sessions you took me deep into myself and helped me look at and make choices about my real motivations, habits of thought and behavior, attitudes towards others that are not always helpful, and the strength of will to change whatever I want to change in life. Because of your help I am already a better leader at work.

My boss and my employees have already commented several times about my “change”. Because of you I am more compassionate and clear about my hopes, needs that I have and the love and help that I want to provide, at home with my wife and kids. Bob, I know that you keep saying that its not about you and that the ideas and strength and change is within me, but you helped me find it all.

Thank you so very much.”

Jake S.

Professional Life Coaching

“Bob, just a note of thanks for all of your insights, guidance, ideas and problem-solving assistance that you provided during our 6 coaching encounters. It’s no surprise to you that I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of having to go through coaching with you, or with anyone.

My employer pushed me as a condition for improvement or a relinquishment of my role as a leader. I felt under the gun. You made me feel immediately comfortable and that I could trust you. You didn’t side with my employer.

You said that you were there to help me succeed and you followed through with your promise. I’ve learned so much about my own areas of resistance to change, and the gaps in my skills. You didn’t make me feel stupid. You were blunt and tough, but also kind and understanding.

Thank you for helping recognize my strengths and abilities as well as my gaps and pushing me to move ahead with practical, steady change.

Buddy, I don’t know how you learned what you know but I wish I went through the same process so that I could do what you know how to do. I’m committed to trying harder each day to now be a better leader and a better boss. Thanks.”

Mike T.

Managerial Coaching

“Bob is not only brilliant with his understanding of organizational systems, he is the type of coach that inspires insight and ability to make real changes. He is a no-nonsense and a compassionate individual at all times.”

Service: NPO Executive and Organizational Coaching


Sky G.

“Bob, when you walked into my office after I received a recommendation to meet with you from my HR Director, I wasn’t at all sure that you could help me or if you even had the experience that was relevant to my needs. You looked too young and I found it hard to believe that you had life experience and senior executive insights.

Wow, was I wrong! In the first 30 minutes you shared great ideas and perspectives with me than I had received from any other coach over the past 15 years. You saw me…I started to take notes immediately.

There are not a lot of people you speak to me the way you speak to me. You’re honest, frank, educational, and supportive during every coaching meeting. You have such an amazing grasp of organizational psychology, team and senior level dynamics, personal motivations and psychology, strategic visioning, and management practices. You’re really a comprehensive coach.

I’m now so glad that I not only took the advice of my HR Director, but that I’ve now approved you to coach many of our company’s managers. We will be a better company, client service provider, and group of leader because of your insight, perspectives and recommended solutions.”

Anonymous - Multinational Pharmaceutical Corp.

Executive Coaching (confidentiality clause in effect)

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