We know organization culture and we know change!

PowerSkills provides organizations of every kind with strategic support services. Our team are experts in programs and processes that enhance workplace culture and help businesses strategize or long-term growth and change.


We engage executive leadership teams within businesses and organizations in intensive, collaborative processes that lead to the creation and roll-out of strategic change initiatives including:

  • Long-term strategic plans
  • Change-management plans
  • Mediation and organization healing processes
  • Diversity appreciation and inclusion programs
  • Executive and management team evaluations
  • Leadership competency and development program initiatives

Our services and support functions help you answer these questions:

  • How do we ensure that our management team members are in sinc with one another and consistent in applying management practices?
  • How do we deal with changes on the horizon and help prepare our employees for such changes?
  • How can we create a more diverse, inclusive culture that appreciates and taps into the strengths of diversity?
  • How do we even begin to heal the deep divisions and distrust among employees or between employees and management team members?
  • How can we measure a leader’s competencies, abilities and performance?

Throughout the process of our involvement, your team will have access to and learn from, our tools, methods, insights, experience and technical expertise.

Ready to begin championing change in your workplace culture?

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Need to convince your boss? Scroll for more testimonials.

“Bob, I had to write to say HOLY COW! Thank you! When we brought you in to help our business unit engage in vision planning, problem solving and team building I HAD NO IDEA what would have happened. You are a master facilitator!

When I participated in your team building training a couple of months ago I knew that ‘I could learn something from this guy’. So I brought you into the business to help us vision and plan. I had no idea that during a two-day consulting program that we’d actually be able to literally heal relationships that had been strained.

At first when you talked about forgiveness at work I was nervous about where you’d take it and if people would take it seriously. Maybe its because of your therapist background or your pastoral counseling background, or whatever it is, but you were able to put it all into logical business lingo and actually get people to feel safe enough to raise feelings and issues, and then help us navigate with empathy to re-set our relationships.


And, we came out of the two days with solutions to problems, and a more in depth business plan and team building plan than even I expected. You fired on all burners.

If budgets allow and opportunities are present I will definitely bring you back in over and over again, and help spread the word with our company.”

National Energy Management Company

Strategic and Team Planning Consultation (confidentiality clause in effect)

“Mr. Schout, thank you for coming in, counseling and educating us, and mediating some very long-term hurtful employee conflict situations for us.

The problems (i.e., relationship break downs, deep distrust, passive-aggressive behaviors, absentee leadership, and lack of senior management/DC support) seemed intractable and unresolvable. I wasn’t quite sure that you could help or be trusted since some managers brought you in. But I was simply wrong and I apologize.

From the moment that called each of us personally and conducted your individual assessments, really listening to and demonstrating that you actually understood the dynamics and underlying grief, you proved yourself to be trustworthy and competent.

Then when you conducted a conference call with all of us and was able to manage to get us to mutual respect and mutual agreement for next steps I was actually shocked.

But it was when you came out to our site for two days and sat with us and pain-stakingly got us to final agreements on new work roles and agreements, genuine apologies for past behaviors (and getting people to genuinely accept those apologies and move on), and getting us to agree on new relationship boundaries and interactions…well, I was so grateful that I almost cried.

The trouble on our team has lasted over 10 years; 10 years of pain. Then you came in and helped us turn the corner. I am forever grateful to you. I was contemplating quitting before you came in. I said to my boss, ‘I’ll give this one more shot; this guy better be good’.

You were more than good, Mr. Schout. You were helpful and healing. Thank you.”

U.S. Federal Agency

Intense Team Conflict Mediation (confidentiality clause in effect)

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