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Our team of world-class speakers have energized thousands of people at hundreds of meetings and conferences. From HR & Training association conferences and corporate meetings to personal growth events and community group rallies, our team cares. They care for and about YOU! That’s why they bring laughter, stories, key questions, and transformational practices to YOU!

They don’t stand before you or apart from you. They come to you, interact with you, and share themselves with you. They make you engage in activities, new ideas and new possibilities. They facilitate fun! They impress upon you the possibilities within you. No one is left out. No one is disengaged. Everyone is provoked to grow, to change, and to know themselves and what’s possible…and then invited to ACT.

Power Skills Presentations

Our 60-120 minute presentations will energize and inspire… guaranteed!

Bob Schout

Balancing Your Wheel of Life

Time: 75-120 min

Is your Wheel of Life out of balance?

Going through life is like riding a bike. If our wheels are in balance and our spokes are trued then our ride is smooth. If our spokes are un-trued, our wheel goes out of balance, our rim gets warped and we are constantly in danger of falling over and getting hurt, even as we try our hardest to stay centered.  

This wonderfully entertaining, thought-provoking and easily applicable presentation engages the audience through story-telling, the presentation of The Wheel of Life self-assessment tool, and interactive dialogues. Listeners will be intrigued by Bob’s analogies which will cause them to consider whether or not their own Wheel of Life is in balance (e.g., their work, relationships, self-care, boundaries, financial matters, attitudes, etc.) and determine what they can do to true (align and tighten) their inner and outer spokes so that they ensure that they are in balance and stay well along their way, each day.

Attitude Adjustments at Work: Repelling Energy Vampires & Maintaining New Perspectives

Time: 75-120 min 

Have you ever felt great walking into work and then encountered some energy vampires who seem to suck the motivational life out of you?

Our attitudes can be influenced and are also controllable. We don’t always realize that we have the power to determine our own attitudes about work, life, self and others…but we do! Challenges and opportunities exist in the form of thoughts that we hold in mind, and in the forms of other people. What we hold in mind produces after its kind. Hence, whatever we believe, will be and whatever we think will sink, and seep into our behaviors.  

This provocative presentation will cause listeners to truly consider what attitudes (e.g., about life, work, self, others) they are holding in mind, and what energy – through words, behaviors, interactions and body-language – they are putting out to others at work and at home. We have a chance to infect or inject each day. Listeners will ask themselves: “is my energy injecting enthusiasm and hope, or infecting others with negativity and cynicism?” As listeners are walked through The Creation Cycle (a graphic which illustrates how our thoughts determine our reality); and through the use of amusing analogies, stories and metaphors listeners will consider what adjustments they can make in their own attitudes and how to make them, as well as how to protect themselves from others who may inadvertently exude “vampiric” energy.


One Size Does not Fit All: Developing an M&M and R&R Menu that Works, at Work

Time: 75-120 min  

What’s on your M&M and R&R Menu?

We’ve all walked into restaurants with friends or family. As we walk into the same restaurant, each person is given the same menu, may sit at the same table and interact with the same waiter, but each person will be enticed by or attracted to different menu items. The same dynamic occurs at work. We all walk into work each day, may work in the same setting with the same people and be managed by the same supervisors. But when it comes to motivation each of us is motivated by something different. Our morale is boosted in different ways. We respond to different forms of recognition and are enticed by different rewards.

This fun, interactive presentation results in each person creating their own menu as well as the large group adding to an agency-wide menu of what works, at work. Listeners will in-part identify menu items that are not palatable and those that would be their most frequent requests. The presentation also considers candid profiles of the “waiters and waitresses” and service providers who deliver our menu items (e.g., peers, supervisors and managers): what works and doesn’t work in regards to their presentation, verbal interactions and attitudes.


Hitting the Re-Set Button: Dealing with Stress, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Time: 75-120 min  

Do your buttons need to be re-set?

It is true that there are people and situations in life that can push your buttons. But the truth is that they didn’t install them. They are your buttons and you can either re-set them or uninstall them. To do so, in regards to our stress, burn-out or compassion fatigue we must first admit that we have those buttons and that our buttons need to be re-set. If we stay in ignorance, fear or avoidance then our buttons will forever remain available-for-the-pushing to others.

This provocative, yet motivational, presentation centers around the empowerment-of-the-self. It clearly differentiates, defines, and helps listeners diagnose, indicators of stress, burn-out, and compassion-fatigue at work. Listeners will also realize how stress, burn-out and compassion fatigue may be negatively affecting their most vital, meaningful relationships at home, at work, in other areas of life, and with the ‘self’…and how to prevent unhealthy impacts on these relationships.  Through the use of story-telling and amusing anecdotes the presenter will help listeners learn how to re-set or uninstall their most tender buttons and re-set outer dynamics and habits so that they are fundamentally able to relieve stress, reverse burn-out, and restrain themselves from falling prey to compassion fatigue. The result will be living, and working through, a healthy, happier life.

Happiness Factors: 7 Steps for Ensuring Happiness at Work and in Life

Time: 75-120 min  

Are you happy? Is the way in which you are living, contributing to your happiness? Is the work that you’re doing or the way in which you’re doing it, adding to your happiness each day? These are basic questions that invite you to be on-purpose with your happiness each day. People can see, not just when we are happy or not, but whether we are happy people in life. We show it through our attitudes and behaviors, and in our affect and perspectives. We talk about when we are and when we aren’t each day. We show it in our smiles or in our frowns. We demonstrate it, consciously or unconsciously, during our interactions with others. We all want to be happy, but many of us have not figured out the formula for our own happiness. What factors must be added and subtracted from your daily life in order for you to feel happiness within, throughout the day?

This fun, provocative, interactive and introspective presentation invites participants to identify the factors that uniquely contribute to the formula for happiness, at work and in life. Listeners will receive the 7 factors for happiness and be able to reflect upon how each factor shows up or needs to be shored-up in their lives so that deep, personal happiness is a given, not an option. Listeners will have time to assess themselves and how they either contribute to, or inadvertently sabotage, their own happiness, in head (thoughts/beliefs), heart (attitudes/emotions) and hands (habits/choices). In the end, listeners will have a chance to map their own happiness formula so that they can apply it immediately to their work and in their lives.

Pivot Points: Knowing When and How to Seize Moments to Change Your Life

Time: 75-120 min  

  • The day my aunt sat me down in the courtyard of an apartment building and asked about my future.
  • The day the chair-person of the Social Work department confronted me about my habits.
  • The evening that Sam – the cab driver – taught me what ‘real service’ meant as he told his own stories.
  • The day that one minister conveyed truth about my parent’s reality and how all humans do the best they can.
  • The day I finally acknowledged my own issues and made amends for my own actions.

…Each was a pivot point in my life; a point that changed the trajectory (direction) of my life and made me more of the person who I am, today. Each of us has had pivot points in our lives, those moments or short periods when time seems to slow, a person shows up, a situation or something occurs, words are spoken, our mind and heart is open, and we actually hear – truly hear – the truth about life or our lives being spoken to us. It is in these moments that we are invited to pivot in the way we think, see, feel, act and react to others and to life itself. But we must be able to see and seize these moments. They occur every day and can be consciously taken advantage of, or fearfully and arrogantly dismissed.

During this extremely provocative presentation, listeners will hear stories about pivot points and reminisce about their own pivot points. Listeners will learn how to become more open and receptive to hearing truth that others are trying to speak, and making change for the better, at work and in life.


Get Over It: Turning Embarrassment into Empowerment

Time: 75-120 min  

Did you ever have that dream of being naked in front of a whole bunch of people?

No? Neither have I, but all of us have had many embarrassing moments. Some of us shrink in fear at the prospect of being embarrassed. Some of us feel shame for the embarrassing moments that we’ve had in the past and are mortified when people find out about them. Some of us privately muse over them, smile and shake are heads, saying to ourselves… “OMG, that was embarrassing, but I learned my lesson.” While some of us laugh out loud, sharing our embarrassing moments with the world, knowing that they are a part of life, for all of us, and that, to laugh at them actually empowers a person. When we laugh at embarrassing moments and behaviors we are demonstrating courage, humility and wisdom simultaneously; and all of those virtues empower a person in daily life.

During this hilariously funny presentation listeners will hear stories about embarrassing moments that have led to empowered lives and workplace cultures. Participants will play a few games, and most of all participants will ‘get over themselves’ (their egos, fears, and embarrassments). Listeners will begin the process of shedding shame and blame by learning to laugh at, and extract positive lessons and wisdom from their actions, stumbles and words in life.

V stands for more than Victory: Vision, Values, Virtues and Vestiges at Work

Time: 75-120 min  

  • Do you have the courage to speak up or stand up for people and issues whether it’s your role or not?
  • Has the organization truly established and maintained a culture of stewardship and integrity?
  • Does the organization keep engaging in the same old ways, that don’t work today?

So many organizational teams and entire cultures tinker around the edges of transformation, hoping that by addressing a few problem-areas they will see a cultural shift take place. But, addressing problem-areas only band-aides a culture. It doesn’t transform it. Real transformation of an entire culture takes place when every member of that culture acts – on a daily basis – in alignment with demonstrated virtues, agreed upon values, while letting go of vestiges and things that no longer serve a valuable purpose.

This provocative and motivational presentation invites listeners to raise the bar of behavioral expectations in their organizations and rise to new levels in development of themselves as leaders, regardless of their level within the organization. The presentation will engage listeners in contemplative self-reflection and self-assessment, while motivating them to become more courageous in action and patient in attitude. It will provoke each person to be come an ambassador of values for their organization and help the organization name, claim and refrain from vestiges of behaviors, practices and processes that no longer serve a mission-centered purpose. From this presentation, new possibilities and more substantive opportunities for personal responsibility at work, arise.


Inspired Leadership: Leading with the Head, Heart and Hands

Time: 75-120 min  

  • Are you a leader in name or title only?
  • Have you been promoted to leadership because of your technical competency instead of your leadership abilities?
  • Are you great at the business of your business but feel lost when having to motivate, inspire, mentor or lead others through challenging times?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you’re not alone. Most leaders have been where you are; and many have decided to take some time to re-set themselves.

So many, who have the title of “leader”, are focused on business acumen, strategic positioning and cost centeredness only. In their drive to rack up clients and make profits soar they often lose the very people that make such success possible: their highest performing employees and managers. They may fail to inspire, role model, support, educate or mentor because their focus is on the external environment only, at the expense of their internal sources of strength and resilience. This transformative, inspirational and provocative presentation engages the head, heart and hands of all audience members. The presentation calls the leader’s attention back to their core. It creates continuous opportunities to reflect, self-assess, and re-set themselves as inspirational leaders so that they can return to their jobs and do good work: work that brings out the good in all of their people.

You Got Style…and Style Definitely Matters

Time: 75-120 min  

Everyone’s work has a little swag to their work and in the way they show up to work each day. It’s more than just a little wiggle in their walk or tone in their voice. It’s more than the skills they’ve developed or the competency they’ve demonstrated. What comes across is their own unique style of communicating, learning, leading, resolving conflict and working. Each style can work in harmony with other people’s styles or they can clash; and when clash happens it’s not always pretty.  

This incredibly interactive presentation guarantees full audience participation as every person becomes more self-aware through self-assessment. Styles are revealed, assessed, and learned how to be flexed, modified, blended and strengthened.


Sylvia High

Inventing an Extraordinary Future

Time: 90 min  

Even the most prolific high achiever must retrain her/his mind to accomplish what has hasn’t been accomplished yet. It is akin to updating the operating system on a computer. Yes, the current version works; but is it optimized for maximum speed and efficiency when interfacing with the newest applications? Inventing an Extraordinary Future enables participants to “download” the mindset that will get them from where they are to their extraordinary next level. It is a highly interactive primer on living life by design, while being effective and fulfilled all at once.

The Power of Choice

Time: 90 min  

On average, a working adult makes more than 70 decisions a day. Some are conscious decisions and some are subconscious decisions. Every decision is a choice. Even choosing not to decide or choosing not to choose is a choice. All of these choices can have far-reaching and long-lasting impact. The Power of Choice enables participants to choose consciously and responsibly such that they are empowered by their choices, not victims of them. 

The Power of Yes

Time: 90 min  

“No” blocks. “Yes” yields. The Power of Yes opens the door to courageous acts, and charts the way to any and all possibility. “No” diminishes. “Yes” empowers. This lively engaging conversation unravels and reveals what’s possible in tangible measurable results when you say yes, and it illuminates the freedom inherent in every yes.

You Are an Unlimited Possibility

Time: 90 min  

William Shakespeare wrote: “We know what we are, but not what we may be.” In this thoughtful impact talk, participants will see that each of us is a blank canvas… that we start each day as possibility. Then, using the power of choice, we fill in the canvas to create a life of our own design. It asks the question: Who am I bringing to my life today?

Releasing the Leader Within

Time: 90 min  

You’ll learn 5 Bold Steps to inspire yourself and others to stay on track, on message, on budget and on time.

Releasing the Leader Within

Time: 90 min  

You’ll learn 5 Bold Steps to inspire yourself and others to stay on track, on message, on budget and on time.

Shoshanna Cogan

Cultivating Employee Engagement

Time: 60 min

Workplace misery is a preventable epidemic.  Research shows that 77% of people are unhappy in their work and an estimated $350 million has been lost in productivity.  Miserable employees lose confidence, energy, and job commitment.  On average, people spend 45% of their time listening, yet only 2% report they’ve had formal education on the topic.  Even fewer people have received empathy training.

This session presents a compelling case for the use of feedback, empathy, and skillful communication to re-engage and re-energize your employees for greater personal and organizational success.

  • Understand the effects of job misery on employees and organizations
  • Learn the warning signs
  • Learn techniques to improve job satisfaction, engagement, and productivity
Whitewater Leadership: Harnessing the Power of Emotional & Social Intelligence During Turbulent Times

Time: 60 min

Emotional & Social Intelligence are the “smarts” that allow people to make solid decisions, build trust-based relationships, and influence others.  Organizationally, both types of intelligence form the foundation of effective decision-making, synergistic teams, and thriving leaders.  More than a measure of performance, they are essential tools for personal and professional growth. Achieve greater awareness of your ability to manage and perceive emotion, and understand the implications of your emotions on yourself and others.  This awareness opens the gateway to greater opportunities and greater functioning.

  • Discover the major components of emotional intelligence
  • Recognize the behaviors and characteristics of an emotionally intelligent person
  • Identify areas where emotional intelligence skills can be applied
  • Evaluate personal strengths and growth opportunities
  • Generate action steps to improve emotional intelligence and success.
Mindful Leadership for Warriors: Basic Training in Emotional Strength, Resilience, and Peace of Mind

Time: 60 min

Understand how high-impact practices such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and resilience affect what you think, how you feel, and what you do.  Upon completion of this session, participants will be better able to:

  • Understand and practice Mindful Leadership
  • Focus and quiet the mind, facilitating real time, present moment awareness
  • Practice a simple, grounding and quieting breathing technique
  • Discuss how training of the brain in present moment awareness can lead to a reduction in anxiety and stress.
  • Consider how practices, from monitoring self-talk to conscious breathing and meditation, work to quiet the mind, thus increasing alpha brain wave activity and overall productivity.
Being the Best Boss

Time: 60 min

Whether you’re a new or seasoned manager, you can help reduce turnover, foster better boss-employee relationships, and gain insights into leading, motivating, and inspiring employees. 

  • Learn the behaviors linked to “best” bosses
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses in 6 best-boss categories
  • Expand and enhance your best boss skills
Be a Customer Service Star

Time: 60 min

In today’s competitive and fast-paced climate, customer service is more important than ever. 

Stand out from the pack through:

  • Create a profile of individual customer service strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recognize opportunities to improve customer service and retention.
  • Identify an individual action plan to enhance service in the five key areas.
  • Building positivity toward customers
  • Encouraging Customer Feedback
  • Responding to Customer Problems
  • Developing Loyal Relationships for Repeat Customers
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations

“Bob Schout is great! He’s so enthusiastic and genuine! So much substance to the content. I am really leaving with new knowledge and new ways of thinking. This was really a great presentations addressing many of the conflicts I observe in my work environment.  Great knowledge! Great examples! Great exercises for such a large meeting audience! Thanks Bob!”

Anonymous - Multinational Pharmaceutical Corp.

Executive Coaching (confidentiality clause in effect)

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Want to hear more? Here’s a few more testimonials…

“Bob takes the cake. His presentation on The Wheel of Life was incredibly meaningful to me. I loved his stories, his honesty about his own struggles and how he gained insight, and the practical solutions that he offered.

Oh, and the presentation was funny too. I usually don’t like going to this sorts of ‘motivational’ presentations. They’re usually meaningless with a speaker who offers something just ‘out of the can’.

Bob was different. He was real and he said right off the bat that “if this motivates you – great, but my goal is to provoke new thought and challenge you to think differently. I’m not a motivational speaker. I’m a provocative speaker.”

That intrigued me right off the bat, and he certainly delivered. Thank you, Bob. I am really going to try to balance my wheel of life.

Speech: Balancing Your Wheel of Life

US Fish & Wildlife Service Regional Conference

Mr. Schout your presentation at the New Mexico SHRM conference (You’ve Got Style: Styles@Work) was literally transformative for me. Yes it was high energy and engaging with your stories and audience interaction but more importantly it helped me understand that what I thought were personality quirks were really style strengths. I was always beating myself up at work for my habits and ways. Now I realize that I’ve got particular styles that are both strengths and weaknesses, if I don’t learn to become flexible and blend them with others. I’m really going back to work with a whole new point of view, thanks to you. Best presentation of the conference.

Julie S.

Wow, wow, wow! Bob, thank you for speaking at our U.S. Fish & Wildlife Agency Conference. I was sitting there thinking (actually doubting), ‘what can this young guy teach us? He doesn’t look like he’s old enough to have meaningful lessons.” When you said that you were in your 50’s I was floored. Then when you told us your bike riding story I got it how our “Wheel of Life” can get out of balance. To top it off when you made us all sing the ‘do-be-do’ song that your dad sang, teaching us the lesson to do (act) and be (be present) I turned to my co-worker and said, ‘this guy is saying exactly what I needed to hear.”

Linda R.

Bob,  YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! My hero! Your “Happiness Factors” talk has motivated me so much. I don’t mean to gush but you have no idea the struggles that I’ve gone through. Attitudes and Attire has helped me reclaim my dignity and life, teaching me job skills and esteem, but your talk helped me reclaim my happiness that I thought I had lost. Your stories are so inspirational and your love for us (at least that’s what I felt when you looked at us and spoke to us) was so apparent and real. You’re the real deal. I hope to inspire others like you inspired me. Thank you and God be with you.

Lashandra S.

“Bob, thank you. I know that you must get lots of this kind of feedback and you must get used to it. But I needed to write to say THANK YOU for your inspirational talk at our conference. It revitalized me as a leader.

I was getting depressed and burned out, and quite honestly, didn’t think a talk by some paid speaker would make any difference, but it did. It felt like you could honestly relate to every struggle and every yearning of leaders who are really trying to lead at their best.

Your Inspired Leadership: Leadership Star presentation really did inspire me and gave me the words that I’ve wanted to use with my people at work. It also gave me that there were actual concepts and types of leadership that I was striving to be and do well but didn’t have the models.

The Leadership Star really is a great model. I hope that you share it with others so that they can re-energize and revitalize their morale and their teams, just like I’m trying to do.”

Speech: Inspired Leadership…Becoming a Leadership Star

Rocky Mountain Surveyors Conference

Mr. Schout, thanks for presenting at the NRF: Store Works Conference. Loved your talk on “Inspired Leadership: leading with the head, heart and hands”. Loved the interactive nature of the presentation. You really got the entire audience involved through table activities. I think that it’s always important to bring true leadership to our work at the local retail level. Thanks for reminding us of what’s important.

Mike R.

Bob, I’ve been an executive in corporate America for 25 years and I have never, ever gotten so much out of a course; especially a course that I thought would be just another ‘review’ of what I already know and have learned. Forgive me, Bob. You brought insights that I have never considered. You made me, and all of us, take a candid look at my own style, behaviors, attitudes that either inject or infect others, and the impact of my very presence each day. You bring psychological insights and perspectives that few other facilitators are able to weave into training. You wove in emotional intelligence skills superbly. When you first mentioned that we’d focus on values and virtues I thought it was a joke; but you brought it all into concrete reality and helped me see the impact on business interactions and customer service. I am in awe. Thank you so very much.

Ben C.

Senior VP, Fortune 1000 Corporation

Bob, I loved your talk at the T.O.P.S. conference in Dallas, “Getting Rid of the Dead Weight”. I’ve been struggling with actual weight issues all of my life and T.O.P.S. has been a good program for me. Your talk was not only inspirational and energetic but it hit home deep inside of me. When you named the types of dead weight that we carry (e.g., shame, guilt, internalized blame, resentment) and that the dead weight actually stops us from losing real weight it all made sense. Plus I loved the fact that you brought out actual rocks to represent the weight, then gave them out to us as symbols. Thank you for coming to speak to us and helping me to accept the truth.

Pam C.

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