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When you want to develop human capital, talent and leadership at all levels our suite of seminars offer you a laser-focused approach. We bring the learning to you, on-site, online and over the phone. Learning must be intriguing, applicable to real-world situations,​ based on outcome-based competencies, and generative of practical solutions to immediate problems and long-term plans. Our seminars incorporate all of these components and so much more. They focus on employee engagement and leadership development among all participants. They are experiential, interactive provocative and fun.

Our training facilitators bring every ounce of energy, knowledge, skill and wisdom they have to every encounter with our students, so that your real-world goals and challenges are addressed.

Our premier programs and our core programs can stand alone or the topics can be blended to address your unique needs. Our seminars are high impact and cost effective. Our pricing promise guarantees that you’ll receive world-class training that fits your budget. And all of our seminars are built upon core competencies that meet US Government/OPM and industry standards.

Our Courses

1 to 5-Day On-Site Courses

Glance through a complete portfolio of our on-site seminars
Download a seminar topic list (detailed below)

  • Diversity@Work™: Blending Generations at Work
  • Federal Manager’s Guidance and Tools Workshop: A Primer for Managers
  • Happiness Factors@Work™
  • Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring
  • Stress Management: Practices and Planning for Work-Life Balance
  • Stress Management: Individual and Management Team Strategies to Promote Resilience


  • Board Assessment and Development
  • Building Successful Customer Relations
  • Change Management: Insights, Practices and Skills for Leaders at all Levels
  • Change Management: Facilitating Culture and Climate Change within the Workplace
  • Change Management: Executive Leadership Planning for Change and Transitions
  • Coaching Skills…Beyond the Basics
  • Communication Skills: Managing Difficult/Crucial Conversations
  • Community Collaborations and Community-Based Marketing
  • Critical & Creative Thinking Skills
  • Conflict Management: Styles, Cultural Norms Conflicts and Resolutions
  • Conflict Management: Facilitating Forgiveness@Work ™
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviors and Challenging People
  • Developing and Sustaining Effective Partnerships
  • Diversity@Work™: Inclusion & Appreciation Practices while Uncovering Unconscious Bias
  • Diversity@Work™: Straight Talk Education, Insight Journeys and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Effective Interpersonal Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills: Basic Training for E.I. in the Workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills for Leaders: Supervisory & Managerial Applications
  • Federal Manager’s Guidance and Tools Workshop: A Deeper Dive into Core Knowledge
  • Leadership Development: Integrating Values and Virtues@Work™
  • Managing Organizational Transitions
  • Managing Teams including Virtual Teams
  • Managing Up: Essential Steps for Managing Up and Partnering with your Boss
  • Meeting Management Skills: Making Meetings Matter
  • Mentoring Skills that Lead to Long-Term Impact
  • Motivation and Morale Building Strategies and Activities
  • Organization and Time Management
  • Power, Influence and Negotiation Skills for Leaders
  • Problem Solving Skills and Strategies
  • Relationship Development@Work™
  • Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
  • Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Stress Management: Managing Stress, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
  • Succession Planning Insights and Initiatives
  • Trust@Work™: Building, Maintaining and Re-Setting Trust at Work
  • Volunteer Program Management: Managing Volunteers, Seasonals and Interns
  • Building and Leading Effective Teams
  • Business Communication Boot Camp
  • Conflict Management: Four Sources of Conflict in Every Organization
  • Conflict Management: Facilitation of Forgiveness at Work
  • Diversity@Work™/Styles@Work™: Managing Leadership Styles, Communication Styles, Learning Styles, and Work Styles
  • Diversity@Work™: Team/Organizational Assessments and Strategies for Inclusion and Transformation
  • Effective Briefing and Presentation Skills
  • Facilitation and Public Speaking Skills
  • Flexibility and Resiliency Skills for Supervisors and Managers
  • Leadership Core: Mission & Methods, Culture & Climate, Skills & Styles
  • Leadership and Management Skills for Non-Managers and Aspiring Supervisors
  • Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment and Applications at Work
  • Performance Management Skills for Supervisors
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning and Problem Solving
  • Becoming a Leadership Star: Focus on the P’s of Leadership (e.g., purpose, passion, performance, productivity, personnel, planning, etc.)
  • Diversity@Work™: Diversity Change Agent Skills
  • Four Dimensions of Leadership: Spirited, Servant, Situational, Strategic
  • Supervision Skills for New Supervisors
  • Skills for Experienced Supervisors
  • Mentor Program Certification


Glance through a concise portfolio of our webinars.

  • Coaching: principles, methods and practices
  • Communication Styles@Work™: understanding communication styles and listening styles at work
  • Compassion Fatigue and Burnout Prevention
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviors: addressing 5 behaviors that trigger conflict at work
  • Feedback: principles, models and methods
  • Forgiveness@Work™: facilitation processes tht help people let go and move on
  • Happiness Factors@Work™
  • Leadership and Management Styles@Work™
  • Managing Up: 10 steps for ethically supporting and influencing a boss
  • Meeting Management: principles, structure and facilitation tips for managing effective meetings
  • Mentoring: principles and practices of mentoring inclusive of intergenerational and reverse mentoring
  • Motivation & Morale AND Recognition and Reward: principles and practices
  • Performance Management: 8 essential activities for managing and improving performance of employees
  • Power, Influence and Negotiation tactics and techniques
  • Psychology@Work™: an overview of 4 psychological characteristics that can disrupt teams and workplace cultures
  • Time, Task and Priority management: fundamental skills and practices for managing everything you need to do
  • Vision, Virtues, Values & Vestiges of Leadership
  • Work-Life Balance: necessary shifts in paradigms and habits that enable you to balance all of the important things in life

My co-worker and I attended the leadership training with Judith Bailie (your team trainer) last month. It was by far the BEST training I’ve been to! (and I’ve been to dozens)  Judith was exceptional and we learned so much! We have been working on implementing things we learned in that training at our office. We were all excited when we got back to work – really pumped up – and then reality hit us. But we haven’t given up! We are supporting each other in our commitment to be agents for positive change in our office. We really appreciate everything Judith taught us and most especially the joy with which she shared her stories. She is so awesome!


Dear Bob, Thank you for sending Jewel Ware for our two day team building! She was excellent and the staff really connected with her. We did some important work while she was with us and have created a follow up to do list! I think she was able to push us out of our comfort zone on the second day and we were able to analyze how we work and what we can do to build upon what works well and what we could improve. Thanks for another great session!! 


Dept of Housing & Urban Development

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Thanks a metric ton Bob! I appreciate the (Foundations in Supervision) course and the use of the tools in the workplace. We used the problem-solving tool that you shared, during a new hire/training/orientation class, in a breakout session, and it went over very well. Thanks for getting the powerpoint slides out to us too! I look forward to training with you again in the future. Very powerful stuff.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

As an Air Force officer, I have been to countless leadership training seminars. I was skeptical about how much I would learn. It (Leadership for Aspiring Supervisors) turned out being one of the best courses I have taken in years. The interactive dialogue-based format was excellent. Kapila (instructor) was the consummate facilitator. He allowed for great stories/examples to be shared, but always put it in the context of the class. I plan to take the lessons learned and apply them heavily in managing up. I like that there were several federal organizations in attendance. Great opportunity to share and network. The self reflection and analysis offered was critical.


US Fish & Wildlife Service

Substantial information packed into 3 days (Leadership for Aspiring Leaders), which could be extended to a week; excellent participant activities and interaction that uses tools and techniques addressed. Insightful information and tools to use when I attain a full leadership position.


Bureau of Indian Affairs

The class (Strategic Planning) was great. Kapila was fun and energetic plus the attendees were engaging.  I’m looking forward to future workshops/training events with the same group and instructor.

Ms. Marichu Relativo

Deputy District Director, Small Business Administration | Alaska District Office

Bob, I’ve been an executive in corporate America for 25 years and I have never, ever gotten so much out of a course; especially a course that I thought would be just another ‘review’ of what I already know and have learned. Forgive me, Bob. You brought insights that I have never considered. You made me, and all of us, take a candid look at my own style, behaviors, attitudes that either inject or infect others, and the impact of my very presence each day. You bring psychological insights and perspectives that few other facilitators are able to weave into training. You wove in emotional intelligence skills superbly. When you first mentioned that we’d focus on values and virtues I thought it was a joke; but you brought it all into concrete reality and helped me see the impact on business interactions and customer service. I am in awe. Thank you so very much.

Ben C.

Senior VP, Fortune 1000 Corportation

Working in a federal work environment is challenging and unique for many reasons. Kapila (instructor) knows and shares well his insights and tools to navigate and build leadership capacity. Kapila is helping the federal government to transition into a new era of efficiency and empowered mission objective delivery.


Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

The tools for guiding thinking, visioning, and problem solving (in the Strategic Planning course) were very helpful. And, Kapila described them well and guided us through using them. I intend to apply these to the work my team does. We already plan for each year and these tools have the potential to enrich the work we do.


National Park Service

Great class (Leadership for Non-Managers) and instructor (Kapila Wewegama). I have learned that its okay to speak to your supervisor and get to know them. Speaking up is part of becoming a great leader. I am a multi-tasker and want to do it well. I learned its okay to slow down.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

I wanted to send you this short note expressing my feedback on the Experienced Supervisor class that just concluded today in Reston, VA.  I believe the class was an advanced Supervisory class taught by Jewel Ware. Nearly half of the participants were from the CFO office. I want to say this class exceeded my expectations and I heard many other participants express the same sentiment. The instructor, Jewel, had everybody participate and everybody opened up to the role-playing, the coaching, the mentoring and skills discussions that occurred daily. The curriculum was very appropriate for what we needed and what we were looking for.  It was a great experience and one I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a more advanced set of training/discussion of managing staff in today’s environment.   

Jim S.


Mr. Schout, just sending you a shout out to Jewel Ware. She was the very best trainer that we’ve ever had come to our agency. Dynamic! Engaging! Entertaining! She spoke truth to us and we needed to hear it. I usually fall asleep during trainings but I just couldn’t, not with Jewel. She kept us going and she made it relevant for the entire 3 days. A big thumbs up to Jewel.

Natasha K.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The tools for guiding thinking, visioning, and problem solving (in the Strategic Planning course) were very helpful. And, Kapila described them well and guided us through using them. I intend to apply these to the work my team does. We already plan for each year and these tools have the potential to enrich the work we do.


National Park Service

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