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The difference between Advising and Coaching

Executive Advising Professional Coaching
On-the-spot, as needed.
3-6 months.
Challenge-specific and solution-centered. The client describes a specific multi-faceted leadership, organization, system-stakeholder, or executive team dilemma and receives expert advice about intervention, resolution, or planning.
Definable goal for growth, development, advancement, insight, or resolution as determined by the client. The client describes the topic, challenge, vision and goal. Then works with the coach to develop steps, activities and plans for development, solutions, and attainment.
90- to 120-minute meetings.
60-minute sessions.
1 time only or 2-3 meetings within one week.
6, 9 or 12-sessions over 3-6 months.
Actionable guidance and advice provided by your Executive Advisor.
Weekly or bi-weekly plan of actions and activities to ensure continual movement and progress towards goals.
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Executive Advising
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Professional Coaching

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