What We Believe

A Catalyst for Positive Change

The proof of a company’s beliefs are not in its words but in its actions. At PowerSkills, BELIEFS ARE ACTED UPON.

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We believe that all companies and professionals have a responsibility to use their talent, resources, products, platform, and power to educate, empower, and advocate for issues, individuals, communities, and positive change at local and global levels.

Our Commitment to Action

Professional Development-In-Action

We believe in servant leadership and that everyone should be afforded access to growth opportunities.

We commit

Pro bono professional seminars, time and travel to provide courses in leadership, management, and entrepreneurial skills to women leaders and young people in multiple countries each year.
Financial resources to underwrite the academic tuition payments for students in school so that graduation is guaranteed for a few more young people than would otherwise be possible.
Pro bono professional seminars and coaching services to NGOs around the world that are dedicated to environmental and marine protection and restoration, education, and human rights.

Diversity, Inclusivity and Advocacy-In-Action

We believe that inclusivity, equal rights, human rights, and social justice matter.

We are committed to

Ensuring that our team is reflective of the richness of racial, ethnic, orientation, gender, cultural, and language diversity.
Using social media to promote diversity, inclusion, advocacy, and the responsible actions of leadership and use of power.
Ensuring diverse representation in all materials.
Offering select training resources to advocacy organizations free of charge.

Ethics and Values-In-Action

We believe that ethics and values must form the cornerstone of professional presence and practice.

We commit to

Weaving values into every curriculum, coaching encounter, and catalyst strategy.
Promoting the leadership virtues of courage, humility, fortitude, compassion, and honesty throughout all services and encounters.
Honestly and directly addressing ethical dilemmas in forthright, empathic and practical ways.
Stand by our principles.

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