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Making a commitment to coaching is making a commitment to yourself, to your dreams and goals, and others.

If you’re considering coaching support then you’ve already realized that you want something more, that you can be something more, and that there may be more actions that you can take to create the life you want and achieve your goals.

Coaching is a dynamic process. You change and grow, achieve and realize goals, as you gain a greater understanding of yourself, overcome internal and external obstacles, and take concrete steps towards your dreams.

Coaching gets you from here to there. It is a goal-driven process, and you are in the driver’s seat.

If your goal is to:

Improve your supervision or management skills
Transition into a new role
Confidently handle employees who act out and create disruption
Increase your emotional intelligence skills
Learn to manage and lead upwards ethically and effectively
Build or rebuild trust and accountability
Shift motivation, thought patterns, and attitudes
Demonstrate and display the competence and confidence of a leader

PowerSkills Professional Coaching will turn your goal into a reality.

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Coaching personalizes the developmental experience.

  • One-on-one sessions with you and the coach or in a small group conversation.
  • Targets and helps you achieve goals specific to you or your job or a project.
  • Diagnose challenges and facilitate solutions and strategies to support your success.
  • Coaching sessions via phone or the video conference platform Zoom.

During a coaching session, the coach:

  • Tailors their work, assessment and support to your needs.
  • Helps you target one or two specific goals or challenges, assess current strengths-opportunities-possibilities, diagnose trouble-spots, generate solutions, and develop an action plan.
  • Facilitates the entire process. They are not a lecturer, nor do they take on the role of a teacher.
  • Asks many questions and provokes new thoughts to help you gain new insights and develop new solutions.
  • Doesn’t just offer you solutions. Using questions, the coach helps you see yourself and your situation from all points of view and helps you to develop an action plan that is right for you

PowerSkills is proud to offer you business and life coaching by
Master Certified Professional Coaches.

Their experience in management, human behavior, group dynamics, cross-cultures, and leadership means that regardless of your goal, PowerSkills can be your guide.

Coaching Methods

Our coaches blend 4 methods to help you discern your goals and create pathways to goal attainment, while also gaining insight and wisdom in the process so that you learn more about yourself and others.

Insight-Oriented Character Coaching

Develop an insightful understanding of your character strength and character hesitancies (e.g., hesitancy with courage, hesitancy to address fear, etc.), and how to build yourself from the inside out.

Action-Attainment Coaching

Learn specific steps to critically analyze problems and develop actionable solutions, and strategies that map paths for attaining very specific goals.

Developmental Coaching

Receive developmental suggestions for building the skills and capacity to make change, achieve goals and sustain progress in any area of life.

Psycho-Social Educational Coaching

Acquire educational perspectives about people and dynamics at play in current situations and circumstances to gain understanding and make more informed choices.

Coaching is action-oriented
on the part of the person
receiving coaching.

Coaching is action-oriented on the part of the person receiving coaching.

The coaching process includes:

  • Individual vision, thought and goal assessments.
  • Assessments of the behaviors, attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to attain goals and make change happen.
  • Assessments of old habits of thoughts, emotions, relationships and practices that no longer serve an individual’s best interest.
  • Insight-oriented approaches.
  • Educational-enlightened interactions.
  • Motivation and inspiration.
  • Homework that ensures a person is continually at work on her/himself and her/his goals.

Coaching Expertise

Topic Expertise Situational Dilemma Expertise
  • Boundary management goals
  • Diversity inclusion goals
  • Organization culture-change goals
  • Leadership goals and development
    • Courageous and character-driven leadership
    • Emerging leader development
    • Leading change
    • Leadership self-care strategies
    • Value-based leadership
    • Women’s leadership
  • Team performance goals
  • Mentor development and mentor support
  • Emotional and social intelligence development
  • Influence and persuasion goals
    • Leadership styles
    • Management styles
    • Communication styles
    • Personality styles
    • Conflict styles
    • Thinking style
  • Performance management goals
  • Resiliency goals and development
  • Supervisors/Managers
    • Engaging in inappropriate decision-making
    • Choosing not to act according to roles and responsibilities
    • Splitting loyalties and viewing themselves as one-with-employees
    • Bad-mouthing leadership
  • Executive Leaders
    • Misuse or unskillful use of leadership or management styles
    • Acting autocratically and independent of the team of executives
    • Breaching role boundaries
    • Engaging in manipulative, divisive actions
  • Teams
    • Fragmented relations and distrust
    • Allowance of manipulation by a few
    • Unstructured culture, expectations and understanding of roles
  • Employees
    • Lack of engagement and initiative-taking
    • Inappropriate behavior

Individual and Group Coaching is offered in
6, 9, and 12 session packages

Individual and Group Coaching is offered in 6, 9, and 12 session packages

Individual Coaching

Your 1-on-1 time with a coach, dedicated to your issues and goals.

60-minute sessions.

Assignments are given at the end of each session.

Benefit is individualized attention and personal goal tracking by the coach.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is limited to 3 clients.

90- to 120-minute sessions.

Coach uses the video conference platform Zoom to blend in visual content for discussion

Assignments are given at the end of each session.

Benefit is peer support and educational insight offered by the coach.

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